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Electrical Services

The Electrical Department has the experience and capabilities to service the Oil & Gas Industries. The department has a number of CompEx certified personnel who has shown their competency to perform the job under potentially hazardous environment safely.


  • Specialize in Testing of Main Switch Boards, Bus bar modification, Motor Control Centers, Breakers and Repairs
  • Maintenance, recondition, overhaul and replacement of all Electrical Equipments and Power Generating Systems
  • Calibration of Breakers, Meters and Relays, Primary and Secondary Current Injection Tests
  • Modification Works on AVR, Auto Synchronization and Load Sharing of Generators
  • Troubleshooting of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Systems
  • Installations of P & I Cables, electrical components, Equipment, Control Wiring, loop check, commissioning of Equipment and Systems
  • All Electrical related repairs & services on Electrical Equipment & Power Generating Systems
  • Drill ship Main & Aux Well Hydra Racker
  • Fiber Optics termination, troubleshooting and commissioning
  • Overhaul, rewinding Large AC /DC Motors & Generators, AC& DC Traction Motors, and Transformers.
  • General and Engine Alarm Monitoring Systems
  • Water Tight Doors Alarm System
  • Ex Hazardous & Registry Survey
  • Ex Rectification Work

Electrical Testing Equipments:

CSU600A/AT Current supply units


These high-current supply units have two main fields of application. The first is to conduct primary tests on protective relays. A primary test shows whether all parts of the protection system are function-ing together properly within the specified time limits under operat-ing conditions.

The second field of application involves conducting current tests on low-voltage circuit breakers and overcurrent devices.

The CSU600A™ is a compact instrument which, together with Timer TM200™ and an external ammeter, meets stringent require-ments for accuracy, easy handling and performance. This current supply unit is ideal for
a) performance and turn-ratio tests of current transformers,
b) primary tests of protective relays,
c) current tests on low- and high-voltage circuit breakers and
d) commissioning tests that require variable currents.

The CSU600AT™ provides a more comprehensive solution. It has a built-in timer and an analog ammeter that provide rough current settings quickly and easily. As a result, connection time has been reduced to the bare minimum.

The CSU600A and CSU600AT current supply units have an excellent weight/performance ratio.


Primary Current Injection Test System


This powerful test system is designed for primary injection testing of protective relay equipment and circuit breakers. It is also used to test the turns ratio of current transformers and for other applications that require high variable currents.


  • „„Primary current injection testing and breaker testing
  • Testing current transformers
  • Polarity testing
  • Heat runs
  • „„Automatic reclosers and sectionalizers
  • Testing integrity of ground grids and safety-ground devices

GE752 - Drilling Motors & DC Motor


GE752 - Armature Coil

Marine Generator

Current Injection Test

AC Motor Winding


Air Circuit Breakers


Electric Hydraulic Racking Systems


Electrical Control Panel


Start-up and Commissioning Service

Seven Seas Electrical Rig services start-up and commissioning services provide the expertise to complete your project safely and on schedule. Proven start-up and commissioning procedures is essential to the long-term reliability of an electrical system. Improper installation and commissioning can cause equipment failures. With Seven Seas Rig Services start-up and commissioning services, you can be assured that your equipment has been tested and commissioned properly.

More than half of early equipment failures can be traced to design, installation, or startup deficiencies. Many unnecessary outages are due to improper testing procedures, coordination and calibration of protective devices as well as wiring errors, design errors, etc.. In other cases, the failures don't occur until months after the equipment has gone into operation and the warranties have expired.

When improper start-up and testing procedures are applied, the results can be disastrous. Your electrical system could experience a catastrophic failure due to relatively small installation and testing errors.

The inspection and testing performed on an electrical power system and its components before the initial energization is key to the system and/or components lifecycle reliability. Proper commissioning and startup testing also provides valuable baseline or benchmark information that can be used to shape the equipment’s future maintenance program.

Seven Seas Electrical Rig services Commissioning & Startup Services can verify that the equipment has been properly installed and its function complies with the purchase specifications and design.

Using Seven Seas Electrical Rig services Commissioning and Startup services will help ensure that your newly installed equipment operates efficiently as an integrated system. Properly done, commissioning projects can pay dividends in the form of decreased failures, lower operation and maintenance costs, and lower utility bills.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Seven Seas Electrical Rig services preventative maintenance programs provide our customers with the peace of mind that their power system is functioning, properly, safely, and reliably. Our structured programs are custom designed to work with any type or size of system.

Seven Seas Electrical Rig services designs programs that work with our customer’s budgetary and operational needs. Our programs will ensure that any applicable regulatory and reliability compliance requirements are met.

A properly maintained electrical system will function correctly and its protective features will minimize equipment damage when called upon to perform. Fewer equipment failures will keep operational costs to a minimum and can extend the life of the system as a whole.

Key service offerings

  • Transformer testing (power factor, turns ratio, winding resistance)
  • Insulating oil analysis
  • Switchgear and buss duct testing
  • Protective relay testing & calibration(electro-mechanical, solid state, microprocessor)
  • Meter calibration
  • Motor & Generator testing
  • Low voltage & medium voltage breaker testing
  • Power system studies
  • Thermo graphic surveys
  • Station battery system testing
  • Earth/ground testing
  • Power cable testing and locating